Bubba was left at a big shelter at the age of 14, in pretty good health but just an old man who didn’t understand why he was there. Once in his ODH home he settled in remarkably quickly, enjoying the attention and the companionship of the other dogs. He is arthritic but cheery about it! An opthalmologist removed a large growth under his eye. Later, unfortunately, he suffered a stroke while coming out of anesthesia for his dental procedure and had a pretty rocky time for a few weeks. His devoted ODH family helped him through it and he’s back to reasonable mobility. He now has two young “siblings” to keep under control and they undoubtedly help him stay young. This sweetheart is a happy old man and we hope he has more time with us.

Update:  Bubba’s body said he’d had enough, a very old dog who had enjoyed a very happy 18 months with his ODH family.      He was loved and will be missed.

Bubba YLab2-FR111715