Beezus was picked up as a stray and ended up in a busy shelter. Everyone wondered if she would come out of her shell and adjust, but there was no reason for concern. She fit in with the two dogs in her foster home quickly, and she realized after just a few days that the resident cats were family. She eagerly met neighborhood people and dogs, her tail wagging all the while. She loved rolling around in the grass, was a good swimmer, and got to enjoy a doggie massage. When her foster mom would come home, Beezus ran around the yard and kicked up her hind legs like a deer. People who met her said “this beautiful dog came from a shelter?”, “she is a doll,” and “what a sweet dog.” The vet discovered by chance that she had a large tumor on her spleen that was close to rupturing, and it was decided to let her go so that she would not suffer. Beezus only got to live in her foster home for one month. What an amazing transformation she made during that time! She will be dearly missed. Beezus died 5/20/15.