“Hello! I am Belle. Don’t let my hard knock life fool you (I lived with 10+ dogs, neglected for years and then kept in a windowless shelter for months). Somehow I’ve risen above it all to be THE MOST LOVING, cuddling, and easy going lady in the house! I greet everyone with a fast-blurry wag, eager to get my nose into an armpit, under a leg or into your hair to get you to give me huge pets. I have a lot of petting to make up for! Since my rescue, I’ve experienced the best things – kids aged 12, 9 and 5 (who I love), long walks (who knew I’d be such a great, easy walker on a leash!), rolling in fresh grass and laying in any spot of sun I can find (maybe I’m part cat). I listen well and haven’t even tried to get up on the couch, unlike my mischievous foster sister J.

“I’m an easy-going with other dogs and share my people really well. I am learning “look at me” and give my foster mom full attention. I’m also learning “back” to back up from doors and “go to bed” to go to my blankie at night. Last night I treated my foster family to a burst of cuteness and ran after my tail til I was dizzy. I may be a little gray at 8 years old and because of being kept in the dark, I squint in the bright sun, but my vet said I was in great shape and was impressed with the muscle tone I’ve built up in just a few months from being with Rompin Paws Rescue. Did I mention how EASY I am and that I have an adorable neck mohawk? I am seriously trying to impress. Really, I just want to be part of a loving family and in return I’ll adore you completely.

“Please adopt me– I can’t wait to be someone’s forever friend!  Xoxoxo, Belle.”

Belle is posted for Rompin Paws Rescue in Arlington, WA.

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