Meet Benny! Benny and his sister Joon are Pomeranian-Chihuahua mixes and came from a seemingly loving home before circumstances changed and the pair were taken to a shelter. They stayed there for 6 weeks, which was a very scary time for these little dogs! Because they were both about 13 years old and had suspected health issues, they were deemed unadoptable by the shelter and Old Dog Haven was asked to help.

After the two arrived at their ODH Final Refuge home, Benny was fully vetted by ODH and got some badly needed dental care and support for his kidney issues. He also received care for a bleeding gastric ulcer.   Thanks to your support of Old Dog Haven, he is feeling so much better now and he will continue to get the care he needs for the rest of his life.

His forever people tell us, “Benny is the serious one of the two dogs. One of his favorite activities is to sit silently (sometimes I call him “Silent Bob”) and watch us cook. When he looks at me with those big brown eyes my heart just melts! He’s mostly reserved until he’s not: Out of the blue and with no warning he’ll just run around and have some mighty good fun before flopping on his back for belly rubs.” What a ham.

Friends, thanks to your support Benny (and Joon) will have the support and love they need to frolic into their golden years together!

Update:  After 3 wonderful years, Benny’s family had to say goodbye.  Dear Benny was his Fianl Refuge Mom’s shadow and will be greatly missed.  Always in our hearts and a wonderful ODH Ambassador.   His loving family will help his brother Joon adjust to his loss.

Benny & Joon