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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!



Sophie, a beautiful little Pomeranian mix, was surrendered to a shelter after she was diagnosed with diabetes. This small one had apparently lost almost half her body weight in 6 months and had received no treatment. As a result, Sophie was in critical shape and the shelter asked Old Dog Haven for help. An ODH Final Refuge family was found for Sophie and she was sent immediately to an emergency/specialty center for treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis and pancreatitis.  The Maranda Fund was used for Sophie’s treatment and it saved her life!  She is now on insulin for her diabetes and has a the Freestyle Libre monitoring system which is helping out with the regulation!

This little dog is a HUGE fighter with a wonderful personality—her ODH family wanted her to have a chance at a healthy happy life and she got it, thanks to your support.

And Sophie keeps getting better! While her diabetes and pancreatitis are regulated with a prescription diet and daily probiotics help with the inflammation caused by gastroenteritis, her forever people tell us, “Sophie’s sunny disposition makes all the effort very worthwhile! She has become a much happier dog since she’s been with us. She’s now incredibly playful and every day has more energy, often leading the pack on walks!  She absolutely loves car rides and going on adventures.”

When she first arrived in her ODH home, Sophie had pretty severe separation anxiety (SA) and hated being alone. She still has some issues with SA, but as she feels more secure her confidence grows. Her people share that, “Sophie has a very big personality and is extremely smart. She’s also a very funny girl and is always making us laugh…we love her quirkiness! She walks backwards and very slowly on hardwood floors and didn’t understand stairs initially, but she learned very quickly and now runs up stairs as fast as she can. Sophie always crosses her legs when she’s sleeping, sleeps in some of the funniest positions, and wiggles like crazy when she’s happy, weaving in and out of our legs as she happy barks. Every day she changes our lives—she’s been through so much and is so resilient, she’s taught us so much about our own strength. We love her more and more every day.”

Like Sophie, many of the senior dogs that arrive into Old Dog Haven care are unhealthy and need veterinary care that can be costly. Thanks to generous ODH supporters like you—and support of the Maranda Fund—that care is made possible for our dogs. Thank you, friends!

Sophie (Pom mix) is sponsored by:

  • Aldo Rustioni of Hillsborough, NC in honor of Carol Otey - Lifetime Sponsor