Allow us to introduce you to someone very special – say hello to Billy Goat! Billy Goat is an approximately 8 year old schnauzer mix, who came to the shelter a stray. When he first arrived at Kitsap Humane Society, he was in very rough shape, and his fur was so matted that it hurt him to move- poor thing! He looked quite a fright, but after a good shaving, his true good looks were revealed. Billy Goat has a gentle nature, and is generally very mellow. But don’t think that just because he is a little older that he doesn’t know how to play and have fun! His absolutely favorite toys are balls, and gets so excited to chase after them when you throw them. He also likes to walk around with them in his mouth, which is adorable! Billy Goat is looking for a special adopter who is able to give him the TLC that he needs and deserves after everything he has been through. Billy Goat can be uncomfortable with a lot of handling- this may be due to the mats he had previously which were very painful for him. Because of this, he needs a home without young kids.

Like many older dogs, Billy Goat had a few lumps and bumps on his skin. The shelter’s vet team examined them and found that they are benign, but he will need to be monitored moving forward. He also received a dental cleaning and a few tooth extractions. Billy Goat is on a special diet and a supplement to support liver health, as he was found to have slightly elevated liver enzymes. His adopters will need to follow up with a full service vet for further diagnostics and monitoring.

If you have room in your heart for a distinguished older gent with a heart of gold, ask how to adopt Billy Goat today!

Billy Goat is available for adoption at the Kitsap Humane Society.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.