Sweet Bob is a 14 year old Pomeranian who landed in a shelter as a surrender. It was found that he had health issues that required immediate attention. ODH became involved. His liver values were through the roof so our great vet squeezed him in to be seen right away.  Unfortunately when it rains it pours and Bob’s heart on x-ray looked like a basketball which is pressing on his trachea. The liver is enlarged also with possible cancer.

All this in a 9 pound body.

Multiple heart meds, abdominal ultrasound, xrays, labs, exam done because of you ODH donors, also have a ‘great heart’ to love and care about all old dogs.

You’d think that Bob (aka Bubs, Bubsy, Mr Bob) came out of that shelter being weak and ill but but no, he marched right over and into my heart as though it was meant to be. Loves being wingman for car rides in his elevated seat so he can enjoy the scenery. Enjoys the communal big dog pads (I can hear my poochies barking ‘my turn’). The other dogs love that he’s a messy eater so they can ‘vacuum’ after. Rides the buggy so he can do some walking, perusing the telephone pole for ’emails’. He is such a dear, sweet dog.

I want to not only thank ODH and their donors but also ALL the wonderful fosters (past and present). You take in an old dog, whether they’re sick, scared, shutdown, terminally ill, and so on. You work so hard to give these seniors a final great life.   And tears when it’s done.

Update from Bob’s Final Refuge Mom:

My dear darling Bob was laid to rest after almost two weeks in our care. He had been placed on hospice day one as despite his upbeat nature, his physical woes were becoming insistent.
Before he left to join the wonderful doggies that were waiting to steer him over the Rainbow Bridge, he and I had succeeded in finishing Bob’s little bucket list.

1)  Having a large pack of our big and little dogs to love on him (check!)
2)  Visit the the Puget Sound and watching the wild life in wonderment (check!)
3)   Wandering through the forest and gathering those multitude of special sniffs – don’t want to miss any (check!)
4)   And eating delicious ice cream on his last day (check!)

My bucket list only required one – to be a part of his small life of unstoppable joy (check!)

At the beach in the sun

Forest walk/ride!

At the shelter

Day 1 – very tired

Home! and relaxing