Meet Bodie, the tiny and adorable fur ball who has an irresistible way of staring up at you with his big eyes and winsome grin. His longtime Old Dog Haven forever mom tells us that Bodie generally lives in quiet mode and can usually be found snoozing happily in his favorite heated bed. But like many other littles, he also has a feisty side and he isn’t shy about sharing his sauciness with the two other ODH Final Refuge dogs in the family–and the patient resident cat–that he shares his home with!

Like so many of our seniors, Bodie came to his ODH home with health issues including kidney disease, bad teeth, skin problems and weak hind legs. He’s also deaf, blind in one eye and barely able to see with the other. But thanks to Old Dog Haven and its supporters, Bodie is now receiving the care, comfort and love that he needs in order to live his golden years to their fullest.

His mom tells us, “It’s been beyond wonderful to watch his personality emerge as he grows stronger and relaxes into his new home and family!” Thanks to all of you for making Bodie’s golden time possible–and full of love.

Update:  Sadly, dear Bodie suddenly had a massive seizure and could not recover.  He was a delightful boy who made the most of his all-to-short time with his loving family.  We are thankful that he was able to feel lots of love, care and safety in his final chapter.


Good things come in small packages!