Bohdan is a Pomeranian who weighs 11 lbs.  Old Dog Haven rescued him from a shelter where he had been dropped off by someone who found him wandering. He has no teeth which doesn’t seem to keep him from eating whatever he wants.  He has the very beginnings of some kidney issues but all in all, the vet thinks he is a very healthy dog for 12-14 years of age.

He’s a funny little guy who wants to be petted and play but then backs away because he is not quite sure.  That will change quickly and you can tell he was someone’s baby at one time and so badly wants to be again.   When his foster parents move about the house he prances right behind to make sure he misses nothing.

I don’t think he was groomed that much before because during the first grooming it took two people to keep him still.  He will be much cooler though with his new lion cut.

Old Dog Haven will keep Bohdan very healthy while his foster parents love him and enjoy his company for hopefully years to come.

Update:  Bohdan was diagnosed with a very bad eye ulcer and ultimately, despite 5 medications 4 times a day, lost his right eye.  He also has a lens in his left eye that has fallen back so he has very little vision.  He is still a very good-natured dog despite his vision issues and ODH and the donors have made sure he is always comfortable.

Final Update:  After a wonderful time with his Final Refuge family, Bohdan experienced sudden kidney failure and his folks had to say goodbye.  He was sucha  good boy and will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

After his eye surgery – much more comfortable!

Fluffy boy relaxing in his new home

Feeling much better all clean and shaved

Leaving the shelter and ready for his new life