From the Final Refuge Mom:

Jules came to us after his owner had to go into memory care.  The people who he was left with travel quite a bit and leaving him at a kennel wasn’t fair to him.   Jules is receiving the very best veterinary care so that he can have the best life possible.

Here in his Final Refuge home, Jules has a sister to keep him company and 2 cats that are bigger than he is!

Jules is sweet, loving, house trained and just a really good boy.  He sees some but doesn’t hear at all, still he’s found his way around just fine.  We hope to have him with us for a very long time.

Update:  After soaking up all the love and care in his Final Refuge home,for one day short of a year, sweet Jules’ health failed him.  This sweet boy will be greatly missed.

Jules cuddling with sister Brandy