Bonnie came to Old Dog Haven the same day she was unceremoniously dumped at the shelter by her owners. She had been hit by a car some time previously, and clearly not given any care.

Bonnie was emaciated, unable to stand or walk, dehydrated, unspayed with a large mammary tumor, and had severe (and old) injuries to her front leg making it un-usable. She spent her first 48 hours in the emergency hospital, and then came to her Final Refuge Home for continued care.

With treatment, medication, and FOOD (she could never seem to get enough) she improved very quickly, and was able to get herself around on 3 legs. She had a surgical consult for her leg, and an amputation was scheduled along with removal of the mammary mass and a spay – she just had to gain some weight first.

But then she started to have a nasty discharge coming from either her bladder or her uterus, and an abdominal ultrasound was performed by a radiologist. It was discovered that she also had cystic ovaries, an inflamed and infected uterus which also included yet another mass, and thickening of the bladder wall such that cancer could not be ruled out. With so many locations of infection, cancer or potential cancer, requiring immediate surgery but with an unknown prognosis for a favorable outcome, and then the fact that her leg would still need to be amputated at a future date, the humane decision was made to let her go peacefully.

She was with us for just 11 days. She had gained 8 pounds in those 11 days, and received almost constant attention and love. She had a large bowl of her favorite food topped with cottage cheese just before heading over the Rainbow.

A BIG thanks to Old Dog Haven and all the donors who made Bonnie’s last days undoubtedly the best 11 days of her life.