His foster family had Bosco for almost 6 months.  He came to them after his person passed away, and she had him since he was a puppy.  He was tentative and had to be coaxed out of his bed with a leash because he “knew” his pillow and blanket because of their familiar smells.  After a couple of weeks, he started to follow me around the house.

Once he settled in with Ginny Bug’s routine, he came out of his timid shell and became a spunky, silly, stubborn, extremely smart 15 year old pup with tons of energy.

Addison’s disease, lipomas, and a liver mass didn’t seem to slow him down.

He loved toys, food, and playing with Bug.  He enjoyed when Bug’s friends came over and got along with all our visitors.

He had a siezure shortly after I got him, and everything was stable until, less than 48 hours after his 6 month check up, he had a major medical event and was not able to recover.

As Bosco left us, I like to think he was going to join his previous owner.  I held him close and told him to run to his Mama.  He left this world with cookies in his mouth and crumbs on his chin.  Good boy Bosco!