Bowser is a lovely 11 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who weighs 35 pounds. This beautiful girl is described as being “very sweet, loving and loyal”. Bowser enjoys road trips and visiting humans who come over for social gatherings.

Bowser can be dog selective. She has lived with  a small senior female dog just fine but isn’t always fond of other female dogs. Smart and slow introductions should be done to set Bowser up for success in her adoptive home. When she was younger she would chase her family’s cats but we are told she has grown out of that. One would want to be sure their cat is dog savvy in the event that Bower may potentially try to pick up a bad habit again in her new home.

Up until recently Bowser was managing life with a toddler. Unfortunately that toddler accidentally fell on Bowser which caused Bowser to react in pain. Bowser must have a home without young children for both the child and Bowser’s well-being.

Bowser has arthritis and takes Galliprant (a pill) daily and she also benefits from monthly Adequan injections. She has mild food allergies so a limited ingredient diet is a must. Her current family will share all of that information with potential adopters.

Bowser uses a dog door to get out as needed for potty breaks. At this time she can manage stairs but we would strongly caution care with this because we hear of many senior corgis with back troubles. Their short legs and long bodies don’t always move as well, especially if they carry any extra weight or once they have had an injury or have arthritis-and Bowser does have arthritis. A ramp is an excellent tool for a dog like Bowser.

While she displays good manners in her home, barking very little unless to announce an arrival, her leash manners need work. A walk a day would be wonderful for Bowser. Someone with time to spend teaching her not to pull on leash and how to react to dogs she sees out on her walks would be very good. This smart girl can learn! She’s had training in the past and she likes to engage with her humans. Bowser will bring toys over to you to play with her. She sounds a like a really fun dog! Bowser is ready to find her true and final home where she can continue being her cheery self!

Bowser is located in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Bowser is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.