“Hi! I am Brody. I’m a West Highland Terrier or for short, a Westie. I weigh 17 pounds. My current caregiver says I am between 11-12 years old. My owner brought me home as a wee puppy. We had spent our life together until the beginning of this year when she had to go to a home where senior humans go when they can’t take care of themselves anymore. Since then I have lived with my owner’s daughter. It was so nice of her to try to take care of me but her home is not right for me. She has a big dog who wants to eat me. I am spending most of my time either crated or outside. This is not the life I am used to and I really want to find a new home very soon.

“I am a very good boy who loves a lap to sit in. But I also like to be active. I like to chase rabbits in the yard. I love to run up and down the stairs. While I don’t get out for walks much nor have I in a while, I’d bet I would really enjoy getting out and about for walks. I’m pretty good on leash but remember, I’m a terrier which means I’m on alert!

“While I love having a human around, I’ve learned to be OK without one. It is actually healthier for us dogs to not expect a human around for constant company. I can manage between 6-8 hours before needing a potty break. I can and will bark, not obnoxiously though. I know the commands “sit” and “stay”.

“I have not had recent vetting. Well I’ve had my shots but that’s not the only care we senior dogs need. I need to find an adopter who can afford my vet care and have my teeth cleaned. I am allergic to chicken. If I eat it I will get itchy skin and that’s no fun.

“As I shared, the dog I live with now hates me. I in turn, want to be the top dog when I’m around new dogs. If a dog tries to run away from me, I’ll chase him. That’s not to say I couldn’t live with another dog but I need a human who knows how to teach me to be with another dog. A confident, yet friendly dog buddy may be very nice to be friends with but it’s certainly not necessary.  I have lived with cats but I’m not good with kids.

“I hope to find my forever home very soon!”

Brody is posted for his caretaker in Lake Stevens, WA.  For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.