The first 5 years of Brody’s past were pretty bad. Kept in a cage and abused by a family member, Brody was fortunate enough to have a caring woman adopt him from his misery. He began to learn that feet are not for kicking and swearing does not mean he had to squat and pee himself in fright. Therefore, the following 5 years of his life were worry-free and it took that length of time to reassure him it was so. Finances did not allow his adopter to have him vetted; he really needed a dental and vaccinations, not to mention flea treatment. So, this incredibly sweet, quiet and easy boy was selflessly relinquished to Old Dog Haven where he has had the full medical and dental treatment and grooming. He is flea-free and feeling great! He is a young-at-heart and healthy guy except for failing eyesight due to retinal atrophy which is being treated by an ophthalmologist. He adapted to his ODH home immediately and his permanent foster family feels this Westie/Yorkie mix will have a lot of years romping on his 2 acres and keeping the neighbor cats in their place. UPDATE: Brody’s blindness and all the stresses through his life caught up with him, despite the best efforts of his ODH mom and his canine companion. He will be missed but remembered with much love. Brody passed away January 27, 2015.