13 year old Bruiser joined Old Dog Haven following the death of both of his owners in the prior few months. He’d been with them for many years and came to his foster home grief-stricken. He spent the first few months trying to find his owners, and checking every human we came in contact with in case it was them.

Over time, with the support of his new pack and humans, Bruiser has blossomed into a happy, loving dog. He’s extremely gentle and loyal, and manages to quietly appear wherever his family is. He loves walks, humans, other dogs and playing with a ball. He can be quietly stubborn, and very funny (especially when he wrestles pillows on the sofa).

Bruiser had received good care of his eyes in the preceding years; he is almost blind from glaucoma. He hadn’t had a thorough vet check for some time, and the Old Dog Haven veterinary intake revealed a concerning heart murmur and the beginnings of kidney failure. Through Old Dog Haven, Bruiser was able to have a check-up with a cardiologist, and is now on medications to control his severe heart valve disease. He sees his cardiologist regularly.

A doggy DNA test suggests Bruiser is a Beagle-Akita mix. He certainly has a happy howl and a beautiful thick coat.

Bruiser will stay with his Old Dog Haven family – his human parents and 10 year old human brother, Old Dog Haven Sarang, resident dog Ranger and 2 cats – for the rest of his days. He is very much loved.

Update:  After 18 months filled with love and the best of care, Bruiser passed away suddenly.  He brought such joy to his whole family and will be greatly missed.