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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

From his final refuge family:

Gus, a 10 year old retriever mix with long term obesity (around 100 lbs), covered in mats, and mobility problems, came to ODH by owner surrender. He had a prior diagnosis of malignant melanoma with surgical removal, and two seizures within the past year.

ODH placed Gus with us, and then worked on getting this sweet guy the health care he needed.
First things first, we gave him a bath while he was on the floor. Worked on his mats and taking out all the dead hair. Nails done. Gus now looks like a show dog!

We took  Gus to a vet the next day and x rays showed that he had ‘one of the worst hips’ she’d ever seen.   We will be monitoring him for metastasis of his melanoma and he was started on various medications to help with his mobility. This is great because Gus LOVES to walk even if it’s just in the yard or to the next house (his spirit is strong but the body will take a little bit longer). He has this marvelous ‘Isaac Hayes’ deep bark for joy when he sees us.  He blocks the doorways with his immense poundage to ‘check stage passes’.  And is already loving our other hospice dog Aldo who has shown him the ropes here. Our little ODH and shelter dogs give poor Gus the ‘what-for’ while Satchel (ODH) just pretends Gus is invisible (which we find hard to do).

Dear donors who make this possible, Gus is a gentle soul. He’s lucky that you are here to help him no matter how long or how short. He is worth everything. Thank you.

Gus and new foster brother, Aldo – waiting for treats

Gus being camera shy

It’s good to relax in the sun while surveying the yard

Gus on yard patrol


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