Buddy, a big yellow Labrador, was taken in by his owners for euthanasia – they evidently couldn’t pay for treating his skin and ear infections. The vet refused and Buddy instead was taken to a big shelter, looking pretty pathetic and very sad. He spent a few days still depressed in his ODH Final Refuge home, but soon learned that someone actually DID care about him and would care for him. Our veterinarian prescribed treatment for all his issues, and his foster dad is diligent about cleaning and medicating his ears, bathing and treating his skin, and controlling his diet. Now to get his portly figure back in shape! Buddy is a complete gentleman, loves his walks, and is a joy to have as a companion. What a happy ending for a rejected old dog – who can now rest comfortably.

Update:  After more than 6 years, Buddy’s wonderful foster dad had to finally say good-bye.   Sweet Buddy had an amazing and long final chapter in a home where he was loved, cherished and cared for.  It was truly a blessed ending for this loving dog.