Hi! I am Rio! I can’t remember much of my history. I know I was seen at a local vet clinic until 2011 but fell off their radar until I was abandoned there earlier this year (2017). I do know that I am 14. My teeth used to really bug me and people avoided me because I was told my breath could strip paint. But the kind folks at ODH and one of their vet hospitals fixed my teeth. I also have some aches and pains in my back but a little pain reliever helps. My eyes aren’t so good and my hearing is selective, but I am happy to be here! I constantly wag my tail! People compliment me on my lovely gray muzzle and matching feet.

My new foster mom says we are a lot alike. We both like to sleep, eat, fart and sit under the apple tree. I love everyone and I really like my dog brother because he helps me navigate around the house and yard. We really enjoy our walks, too. I can’t go too far but I love being out to sniff all of the new scents. I love my food too! Since many of my teeth are gone, I get wet food! Delicious! I wholeheartedly recommend it. My hearing isn’t great but I have a special ability to hear the dog bowls and the can opener.

I can get confused occasionally and forget which door leads downstairs but I can follow my foster mom or brothers and it all ends well. My foster mom tells everyone who will listen, and even those who don’t, how wonderful it is that I came to live with her and how grateful she is to ODH. Me, too!

After 15 months in her wonderful ODH home, Rio declined rapidly – at 15 years old, she was an old lady and it was time to go.   She was much loved and is much missed.