Buttons found herself in a big shelter in November 2014. Only 6 pounds, her coat was in terrible shape and she was in dire need of a dental. She could only breathe with her mouth open because of her infected oronasal fistulas: only sleeping for an hour before the drainage brought on little coughing fits. She caught the eye of a volunteer and the rest is history: She came into ODH. After her successful dental she was spayed.

Less than 6 weeks after being in her Final Refuge home, she began to catch up on her sleep! With all that rest came bursts of energy! She is definitely daddy’s girl. He fondly calls her ’Sweetcakes’ and adorned her with a cupcake collar. She has 4 brothers and sisters. She takes her ‘mealtime helper’ position very seriously as she makes sure breakfast and dinner are prepared in a timely fashion. We are truly grateful for Old Dog Haven for this little one, like so many before her, is going to live out the rest of her life knowing peace, love, and joy.

Update:  Little Buttons lived far far longer than she should have! A dog with internal organs reversed and damaged discs in her spine somehow was happy and loved enough to make to age 14.   Her genetic “goofs” made her very prone to pneumonia and finally she couldn’t be saved despite the efforts of her veterinarians and ODH mom.   She was a bright light in her home and will be remembered with love.