“Hi there! My name is Buttons. I’m a 17 pound terrier mix. I hear people say I’m a cute girl, cute as a “Button”! My person can’t say for sure how old I am for sure as she adopted me from a shelter 5 years ago. From what she was told then, she says I’m about 11 years old now.

“I have lived with quite a few different dogs and I’m very good with them. However,, I will bark at dogs when I’m on leash. That’s what we do unless we’re trained not to! Even then, I may get excited when I see other dogs. It is fun to meet new dogs! I’ve lived with cats but I really shouldn’t as I like to bother them. I also like to chase squirrels. When the front door is opened, I’ll take off running. This isn’t safe for me! I need a securely fenced yard and a home where I can be watched for escapes.

“Since I was adopted, I haven’t had much vet care. Yes, I’m up to date on my vaccines but I’m missing a lot of teeth and haven’t had a senior check up. I need an adopter who can and will afford to take care of me. I need regular grooming and regular vet care. More than likely, I need a dental. Can you imagine if you didn’t brush your teeth EVER or see a dentist for cleanings?

“Recently my person had to move from her house to a condo. Condo living is not for me! I will bark and that’s causing problems, people are complaining. I was used to a home with a fenced yard where I could get out and burn off some energy. I’d love a home with someone who was able to get me out for regular walks. I can manage stairs fine and appreciate a potty break at least every 5 hours.

“I’m a sweet, very loving girl who can be snuggly. My person calls me a Love “Button”! Surely there’s someone out there who can give me my forever home,  love and appreciate me for the rest of my days?”

Buttons is located in Vancouver, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.