Calliope arrived to her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home in pain and seemed to be shut down because of it. It turned out the pressures in both of her eyes were very high; she had glaucoma.  Once both eyes were removed she did very well adapting to her home because she had already been blind. After a dental with many extractions, Calliope was even more comfortable. Calliope was deaf but dogs can be so reslient.  Calliope was a trusting, sweet girl. People who met her commented not only about how cute she was but also how remarkable she was.
Calliope’s true age was never known but the belief was she was a very old girl when she began to become confused and was no longer the confident, happy dog she’d been. Her disabilities made dementia harder than it is on most dogs. Calliope’s forever fosters knew they couldn’t let her slide into further darkness. Calliope was sent on with love. They felt gratitude to have shared the last year of her life with her. She is missed.