Ulysses was left at a shelter for the second time in just a few years, with a poor coat, a growth on his gum, and supposedly dribbling urine.     (SO often it’s really accidents in the house that send a dog to the shelter.)    Shelter staff asked ODH to take on a handsome pit-lab mix with a very quiet nature.   Medication helped the dribbling  and his “old man cough” has faded.

He has some evidence of liver disease and arthritis in his spine but, after a dental and some real TLC with a friendly group of dogs and cats, he’s a new man!     His enthusiasm for exploring has gotten him into trouble, but he also does a lot of sleeping as befits a gentleman of a certain age – no matter how youthful he feels.

Mostly he enjoys being loved, well cared for, and wanted.

Update:  Close to a year after coming to his ODH home, Ulysses’s body stayed strong but dementia had set in and he no longer had a happy life.    He was much loved.