Her foster mom says:

Camille is a very sweet and very elegant dog. She sits with her head held high and her front legs crossed and looks at you with deep, soft and loving eyes. She has become a very happy dog and loves to run around the house and motor around our large yard. Camille knows she is loved and jumps on the couch beside us and puts her head on our laps as she naps.

Life hasn’t always been so good for Camille however. She was found as a “stray” and was very frightened. Camille is an Italian Greyhound, which is quite a valuable breed, and has had puppies. Sadly, Camille was very ill when found, and without surgery she would not have lived much longer. Her uterus was filled with fluid and Old Dog Haven made sure she got the surgery she needed. She also has a collapsing trachea, but that is being controlled with medication, at least as much as possible. Camille also has several mammary masses that we’re watching and she had an extensive dental (which, judging from the tartar and teeth removed, may have been her first).

Camille loves to bark at us to let us know we aren’t getting things done fast enough, such as her dinner or Dad coming to bed with her. She sleeps between us every night and we love having her there. As she cuddles in bed with us she insists on touching at least one of us—preferably both!

I don’t think she has ever had so much yard as we have to explore. I am sure when the weather warms up more she will be outside all the time. I think she is as happy as we are that we found each other.

Update:  After a year and a half, Camille’s loving family finally had to say goodbye.  She was a very special girl who overcame several medical issues and was able to relish her final chapter with her Final Refuge family.  She will be greatly missed.