Handsome Carl is looking for love. He is a miniature longhair dachshund, weighing in at 10 pounds. Carl’s guessed to be only about 10 years old-heck, that’s not that old for this breed at all! Currently Carl lives with another dog, a “big” dog and he does just fine with him. We are told he has done well with dogs his size too. The only reported issue Carl has is eating around other dogs; he needs to fed separately at meal time. We find that to be quite common in a lot of dogs. Carl has lived with cats and is fine with children who are gentle with him. He was born with a twisted hind leg. Reportedly it does not stop him from doing anything nor cause him any apparent pain.

He is good on leash and while he doesn’t require much exercise, it benefits every dog’s health and mind to get out and smell new smells. Stairs are often hard on dogs of this breed. Carl can manage stairs but a home without too many would probably be best for him. As long as Carl can get out every 6-8 hours for a potty break, he is fine left alone in the house with a canine buddy for companionship.

If he could talk, we’re sure Carl would say he’d love a home with someone who wants to share their lap and bed with him. He’s a loving, cuddly boy who will roll over on his back and “wave” at you. Carl sounds like a great dog with so much to offer.

He’s waiting in Arlington, WA. for his adoptive home.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

Carl LH dox -FS08122016b