When Old Dog Haven bailed Cassie out of the shelter she spent several weeks at Home Base with Judith and Lee while her bladder stones were removed and a raging urinary tract infection was treated. Then it was time for Cassie to leave her temporary Final Refuge home and join her forever Final Refuge family.

Cassie is an interesting dog. She’s a bit reserved, except when she’s “woo-wooing” for treats or when she’s being vigilant as our Wildlife Warden. Cassie takes her job very seriously and there isn’t a squirrel, rabbit or deer that goes unnoticed either inside or outside the fence. She’s more of a people-dog than a dog-dog so she’d much rather spend time with her people than with other dogs—except her dog sister. She does greet guests nicely when they come to visit, but she doesn’t stay with them long. Unless they have treats. Then she’s front and center and will socialize as long as the treats are available. Cassie is a bit like Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” in that she has a special place she likes to lie on the bed and the other dogs better not crowd her because she’s not shy about letting them know that she’s the alpha female and her spot isn’t to be shared. She also has one particular dog bed she favors and if any of the other dogs dare to claim it she just stands in front of them and gives them the stink eye until they move.

As Cassie has aged—now about 14—she’s developed lots of lumps and bumps and her rear legs are compromised by arthritis, but joint supplements and rimadyl help her to move comfortably and her old lady bumps don’t seem to bother her at all. Sometimes she walks very slowly and a bit wobbly—until she sees a rabbit or squirrel in the yard and then she literally flies through the air. Movement is all about motivation.

This sweet girl is very well loved by her family who feel very fortunate that she’s sharing their lives. We think she’s very happy to be accepted as the wonderful dog she is and to have her “Cassie-ness” celebrated by the people who love her.


Update:  After a little more than five happy years in her Final Refuge home Cassie Belle has moved on to her next expression of spirit. Even though her days of being a Wildlife Warden have ended in this life we’re sure she’ll find a way to keep track of the deer, squirrels and rabbits at Home. Cassie loved people—especially small children—and her friends will miss seeing her running on the beach and socializing at home with guests. This wonderful dog was a warrior—powering through many physical difficulties—and her determination and strong spirit are an inspiration. Cassie’s list of favorite things included: treats, riding in the truck, going to the beach, lounging on the bed, surveying her domain from the porch, and most of all … being with her family who loved her dearly and will miss her smiling face. We are very thankful to ODH for seeing to it that Cassie found us and was able to share our home and hearts. We feel very fortunate to have known and loved this sweet girl.