Mr. Chips (Chipper to his ODH family), a 5.5 pound Pom mix came to us in September 2016. He has/had several issues – oronasal fistula despite having no teeth and half a jaw, heart murmur, collapsing trachea, luxating patellas and kennel cough. After several days with us he had several mild seizures. Off to the vet he went where he was started on phenobarbital and an x-ray was taken, at which time it was discovered that he had a rock in his belly. Fortunately, with the vet’s efforts he was able to pass the rock. He is just so cute – loves to be held and falls asleep in your arms. He loves to sleep with one of his Final Refuge brothers, Bruce, on the big dog bed and begs for treats. He is an Old Dog Haven greeter at fundraising meet-and-greets and makes sure everybody knows Old Dog Haven is there. He brings such joy into our lives and makes us laugh. We hope he is with us for a long time. And hope he realizes he doesn’t have to eat rocks any more.

Update:  Little Mr. Chips passed away very suddenly, after a busy day happily greeting new friends at an ODH meet-and-greet.  He was a wonderful ambassador and was very much loved by his ODH family.