Spice up your life with some Chai! She’s a 16 pound shih tzu who is 13 years old. Chai is described as “a sweet, easy-going dog”. She has lived with both dogs and cats; she’s been fine with both, not showing much interest in either. Chai is good with respectful children age 10 and over. As can happen with age, Chai’s hearing and vision are diminishing. Stairs are becoming more difficult due to her vision (senior dogs often loose depth perception first). Chai will need time to learn the lay of her new home and be kept safe when taken outside. Chai is said to be fine on leash, she enjoys her romps in the grass. This cute girl will gladly remind you if you forget what time her meals or served or if she needs to get out to potty. Chai is fine to stay alone for up to 6 hours and she’ll happily welcome you home upon your return. She’s a friendly girl who sounds like she’ll make someone a very nice companion.

Chai is waiting in Bellingham, WA for her adopter.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.