One of the top 3 reasons we at Old Dog Haven hear a senior dog needs to be re-homed is they are not appreciating the children in their home.  Toddlers and young children can often unintentionally hurt a dog by laying on or pulling upon a dog. Senior dogs often have arthritis; this can make them more sensitive to being pulled upon. Age related changes to vision and hearing mean a senior dog’s reaction times aren’t what they used to be. This is another reason a senior dog can be fearful of or defensive to a young child’s unpredictable movements and behavior. Very often these dogs have had the same home for all or most of it’s life and when their people decide to welcome a baby to the family, the dog’s life is never the same. Chance is one of those dogs. He needs a home without young children. We are told he has been a very good boy to the young child in the home but fate cannot be tempted anymore.

Chance is between 10-11 years old. His breed mix is a guess. Chance weighs 40 pounds. He lost most of his vision at 4 years old. When he became visually impaired, his owner took him to a veterinary ophthalmologist. She said that Chance had retinal detachment disorder. Like so many dogs, Chance has adapted fine to his limited vision but he will need time in his new home to learn the landscape.

This nice boy has lived with other dogs and we’re told he is appropriately social when meeting new, friendly dogs. He lives with cats at this time.  Currently he is spending a lot of time alone in a garage or in a separate room to keep he and the child away from each other.  Chance would love a home where he can relax and be inside as much as he wants to be.

Chance does well on leash and he enjoys a 15-30 minute walk every day. He can do stairs and stay alone in the house while his people away. Chance can manage quite a while without a potty break.

Chance sounds like such a nice dog! He is waiting in Auburn, WA. for his adopter.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.