Charlie, aka Charlie Tuna, Charlie Peanut Butter, Tuna, Charlie Boy, graced his Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home 2 months shy of a record 7 year stay for his foster family. In that time, Charlie became a beloved, cherished family member. Charlie was a friend to everyone he met. He always had a little kiss for people who gave him a little pet.

In the early years Charlie was a little wild, he was goofy and fun. He jumped with joy and he loved to go for walks. He was known to “harvest” vegetables in his foster dad’s garden; it was pretty funny. Charlie was a really happy dog and his happiness was contagious. He made his foster family laugh and smile.

Charlie had a rough life with little care before becoming an Old Dog Haven dog. He had epilepsy and that required medications given 3 times a day. Common with cockers, he had dry eye that required drops and yearly exams with an ophthalmologist. Charlie saw an animal dermatologist for trouble with his skin and ears (also common in cockers). He was what one would consider a high maintenance dog but his foster family would tell you he was well worth it. They were incredibly grateful that because Charlie was an Old Dog Haven dog, he always received the medical care he needed.

Over the years Charlie made many canine friends, Old Dog Haven dogs that came and went. He was so good to every dog that came to his Old Dog Haven home. Charlie was a reliable source of comfort and continuity. But time finally caught up with Charlie. He became a very old boy and was struggling. Charlie’s family knew it wasn’t fair to make him stay just for their sake.  With both gratitude and sadness Charlie’s family sent him on, his foster mom held him in her arms while his foster dad told him what a good boy he was while he fed him a cheeseburger.

Charlie’s foster family would like to give a special thank you to his friends at VCA Redwood Animal Hospital, along with Mary and Dennis who were his temporary fosters upon intake to Old Dog Haven. Another special thank you to “Presh”, an Old Dog Haven supporter who loved and sponsored Charlie for years.