Monty – 99% blind, deaf, very old and very sick – was left at a shelter by his owner and 48 hours later was very very sick.    ODH was asked to help, and sent him to the emergency clinic for intensive care of what seemed to be acute pancreatitis.  He stayed 2-1/2 days before feeling better, so we brought him home.

Monty settled into a pretty chaotic household remarkably easily, learned to go sit by his food dish half an hour before mealtime, was accepted well by all the dogs, and just loved lying in our laps or being snuggled.     It was clear that he didn’t feel good, even after a major dental fixed his mouth.

After 10 weeks he started having serious diarrhea, xrays were ominous, and ultrasound confirmed that there was both an inflamed pancreas again and cancer through his liver.  This incredibly stoic little dog just kept going but we knew he felt lousy.

We said goodbye with much regret that we didn’t have years to enjoy his gentlemanly company – what a sweet and beautiful dog he was.