Dexter is a wee little boy just under 5 lb who was overwhelmed at a local shelter with little chance of adoption. He settled into an Old Dog Haven foster home and was able to receive veterinary care. He was initially diagnosed with a pretty serious heart murmur, bad teeth and a luxating patella. After a few months in his foster home, he began to show symptoms of congestive heart failure and was admitted to an emergency clinic where he was placed on oxygen and had his medications adjusted. As serious as it was, Dexter is a fighter and he wasn’t going to let go easily, so Old Dog Haven gave him the chance he needed to get better. He was sent home with a new regimen of medications and his condition has improved.

He now spends his days burrowed under his favorite blanket usually being subjected to unwanted cuddles from the resident cat, Archie. Dexter is loved by everyone he meets but especially by his foster mom. We are so grateful to the generous donors who have made it possible to save senior dogs like Dexter.

Update:  If love made dogs live forever, Dexter certaly would have.  He fought off his health issues as long as he could but fianlly needed to leave.  He was treasured by his Final Refuge family and will be greatly missed.  All our dogs are special, and some like Dexter are extra special (even if they can’t stay with us very long) — and they become your heart dog.  RIP little boy – you will be remembered forever.