Chief is a magnificent boy! Estimated to be about 8 years old, he should weigh about 95 pounds once he’s finished gaining the weight he should.

After years of being lonely and neglected, this gentle giant loves nothing better than to hang out with his people. He’s not needy, and he doesn’t get upset if you go out without him … but if you’re around he’d like to be nearby, if you’re up for a walk or a car ride he’s good to go, and if you’re in the mood for loving he is the ultimate Plushy.

Chief is gentle, respectful and friendly with people. His rescuers would expect him to be calm and kind with young children. However because he’s an old man with achy bones they will not place him in a home with children under six years of age, since young children aren’t always careful. He is friendly with polite dogs, and has started to enjoy laid-back games of tag with his much younger foster brother. He’s met one cat while in rescue, and the belief is that he could be safe with a calm, confident, dog-savvy cat.

As a senior boy, Chief likes to take life easy. He’s a low-maintenance kinda guy whose private daily routine includes a careful perimeter check, time spent lying in the middle of his yard (he LOVES to be outside, never mind the weather!), and hanging out with his foster family. He’s not a couch potato but he is also no longer an “outside dog”! He enjoys his daily walk, and is good for a few miles. Chief does have arthritis that is managed by daily anti-inflammatories. This is something that should be continued by his adopter for Chief’s comfort and well-being.

Chief travels well. He loves chewing on raw bones, but is not greatly interested in toys. He has an excellent nose, which he uses to scope out the kitchen counters regularly – but he doesn’t steal (well … maybe if it’s ESPECIALLY yummy, and RIGHT on the edge of the counter, where he believes it’s clearly meant for him…)  His house manners are excellent. He is calm, quiet, doesn’t beg and is not destructive.

Chief loves his crate as a place to retreat to, but he doesn’t like being shut in and may break out of it. However, he’s so good it’s not necessary to crate him. He is reliably house-trained, can safely be left loose for at least five hours at a stretch, and will ask to be let out. Chief hasn’t had much actual training as far as his rescuers can tell, but he walks well on a leash, and tends to stay close when off-leash. His recall is good provided he sees you.

Doesn’t Chief sound like a terrific dog? He is ready to start his new life and join a family who will love him for always!

Chief is posted for  Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team (HART).  He is located in Mead, WA.
For more information about Chief  and adopting him please email:

This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.