This boy is such a gentle soul! All he asks out of life is a comfy corner of the couch, maybe a patch of sun to lie in now and then, casual walks in places with interesting smells, space to run the occasional zoomie, and someone who loves him – and for that he’s willing to trade his whole heart.

Kane is a purebred red nose pit bull. Born on January 27th, 2014, he weighs 60 pounds.
This 10 year boy has been neutered, microchipped and dewormed, and is up to date on all shots.

Kane is affectionate and bouncy with his special people, gentle with children (he shares his home with a toddler), and good with other dogs he knows. When he meets new humans he is calm, polite and friendly. With new dogs he can be a little pushy – he REALLY wants to play – but with a proper introduction he is respectful and friendly. He is not safe with cats or any other small prey animals.

Before anything else, he’s a snuggler. His favorite place is wherever his hooman is at – preferably cuddled up close, under a blanket, on a bed or couch. But he is not exclusively a couch potato! Kane’s dream home has a yard big enough for zoomies, and he’d love to share it with a friendly canine playmate who isn’t fazed by hard-driving bully scrambles. At 10 years old Kane has slowed down – he plays quite hard but only for a little while, and then he’s ready for a nap.

Kane is usually calm, but he’s an alert watchdog who will bark a warning if he hears an intruder. He loves going for walks and car rides. And when nothing else demands his attention, he loves a good chew. (And yes, he knows the difference between his chew stuff and your non-chew stuff!)

Kane is reliably house-trained and crate trained. His house manners are fair – when excited he can get bouncy and clumsy. But he’s not destructive, and he doesn’t have any other bad habits.

Kane is comfortable on a leash, and although he may pull at the beginning of a walk he responds well to correction.  His recall is good, and he knows the basic commands.

The sad news is that Kane doesn’t just need a forever home – he needs a sugar family. This sweet boy has some significant health needs, which can be managed but require a vet visit every four to six weeks, a special diet, and daily medications.

– He has allergies that make him very uncomfortable and itchy.
– He needs to have his anal glands expressed monthly.
– He recently developed an ocular autoimmune condition, which is managed with medicated eye drops.

The cost of his medications runs around $125/month, and they are essential to his well being.  Kane needs an adopter who is willing and able to make a long-term, ongoing financial commitment to meeting this need.

Kane is posted for Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team (HART).  He is located in Pasco, WA.
For more information about Kane and adopting him please email:

This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.