Cinni and Jesse are living their best lives, after several difficult years.  

Their owner died of cancer and they went to live with another family member.  Then that owner, and Cinni and Jesse,  became homeless so the owner had to find a new home for them.

ODH to the rescue.  Both dogs are 15 years old.   Jesse is a 5 pound Yorkie with no teeth, skin problems, little hair and  terrible knees.  And the sweetest disposition ever.  

Cinni is a 10 pound Pom.  She lost one eye to glaucoma and is blind in the remaining eye.  She is also amazing.  She handles the house like a sighted dog. She is so brave and good natured.  Cinni hasn’t met man nor beast she doesn’t love.

Both are still underweight and on meds for pain.  Cinni also is on eyedrops. They are the best little guys. Thank you ODH for saving the precious pups and entrusting them to me.

Update:  Sadly these two loves both left us much too soon.  Their health failed them – first Jesse and then a few weeks later, Cinni.  They had been through so much, we are very grateful to their Final Refuge home for giving them a last chapter filled with love and much care.   They are greatly missed.

Cinni and Jesse