“Hello! My name is Cookie because I’m sweet like a cookie. I hear all of the time “Oh she’s CUTE!”. I’m a 13 year old, 25 pound mix of a bichon frise and cocker spaniel. I am looking for a home, one that I will never have to leave again. You see, I once belonged to nice man but he was very old. He loved me so much and he treated me like a princess. When he passed away, his family gave me to a nice couple who have been very good to me. They love me too but their doctor told them that I need to find another home because they have fallen too many times trying to take me for a walk. Yes, I pull a bit when I get to go for walks but can you really blame me? It’s so much fun to get out! I need someone who is strong enough to take me for walks, maybe we can work on not pulling on the leash too?

I love going for car rides with my people and I love when people come to visit. I’m sure that they are coming to see ME because I’m a very friendly girl. I will “talk” to visitors-mind you, that doesn’t mean barking, I talk! If you have to leave the house, I’ll behave myself and do my very best to “hold it” for quite a while. I think I do a really good job at that, better than most dogs my age. My people put me in the laundry room when they leave and when they get home, I greet them happily. Even though I’m a teenaged dog, I can still do stairs and still love playing ball and with my toys. Recently it’s becoming harder to hear but that happens to all of us, right?

I have never lived with another dog before. When I meet new dogs, I’m not always sure what to do. That doesn’t mean I’m not OK with them, I need time to get to know them and hopefully they’ll be nice to me and we can be friends. There’s never been any cats in my homes either, so I’m not quite sure how I’d react to one. I have met kids and they’re OK except for the little ones who want to pull on me or touch my eyes. That’s just not fun for me. I know that this is a very hard, sad decision for my people. I’m looking on the positive side though, looking forward to who I will meet in this search for my new home. I just really hope this is it, my real forever home.

If you are ready to make a life-long commitment to me, I hope to meet you soon.”

Cookie is in Mill Creek, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.