Disney dog here! What an interesting pup Cooper is. His DNA test came back 70% basset hound. The rest of his special blend is a truly unique mix! Think scruffy hair with a long body and short legs. This fellow is about 9 years old, and he weighs about 55 pounds.

Cooper has lived his life with other dogs. We are told he is fine with other dogs but is not overly playful or social with them. It has been years since Cooper lived with a cat.  If he were to be adopted into a home with other animals, slow and proper introductions should be done. Cooper doesn’t appreciate when the other dog he shares his home with checks out his food bowl or treats. This is simply remedied by not feeding dogs in the same area, picking up bowls when they are finished eating and being sure dogs are monitored while treats are doled out.

Cooper needs a home without young children. Since the arrival of his family’s child, he has been anxious and worried. We hear this all too often with older dogs and we never blame the dog for defensive behavior. Not to say we blame young children! We understand that up until a certain age, a child is unaware that their sudden movements, loud noises or inappropriate touch can startle or scare an older dog whose reaction time may not be what it once was.

Because of Cooper’s anxiety, he has been taking Prozac and Melatonin to calm him. This is something one would hope to wean him off  under the instruction of his vet once he finds a new home where he can relax and not worry about a toddler or baby. We imagine Cooper will be a much happier boy without the drug or the kids!

Cooper has been OK to stay alone with his canine buddy when his humans leave the home but it has never been for a full work day. He has been known to howl when his people leave and his family state they never leave food out where he could reach it. He can manage quite a few hours before needing a potty break. Cooper enjoys hanging out on the couch and sleeping in bed with his people when he’s allowed to.

Because of his basset body, too many stairs or trying into a car can be hard on him. Cooper likes going for walks and will run in short spurts but we are told he doesn’t have much endurance. To prevent pulling he wears a gentle lead harness for walks. We are told he loves water, snow and trips to the beach.

Cooper has had issues with allergies and recurrent ear infections. His owners will share all of the vetting they have done for him and what treatments they use. Cooper needs an adopter that will continue his regular and preventative veterinary care as well as afford good quality dog food and any medications or supplements he may need. Additionally, we’d guess grooming is an expense one needs to figure in for Cooper as well.

Cooper’s new home should not be one where barking or howling is an issue as he will do both. The hound in him makes him do it! Cooper is described as a sweet, cuddly boy and we bet once he gets to know his new people and he settles in, he will make them smile all of the time.

Cooper is located in Maple Valley, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.