Mona is a lovely 11 year old mixed breed dog who weighs about 70 pounds. This girl is all heart! She has spent 10 of her 11 years living in an adult family home, around elderly people. Mona was a calming presence that made people smile. Now it’s Mona’s turn to be taken care of and given a nice, cushy life!

We are told that Mona likes other dogs. She may try and play with them but not for long. She has never lived with cats. Mona has been good with kids that are old enough to be gentle to her. She likes people but she is not pushy, she knows to sit or lay and “just be”. Mona sounds like a very special girl.

Until recently, Mona has not spent much time alone. When a dog lives the life that Mona has, it can take time for them to be OK being left alone. It is much healthier for a dog to learn that their people can leave and it is alright, they will come back. Mona has just within the past few weeks for the first time, spent a few hours alone. We’d like to think with time, patience and compassion, Mona will adapt to a new home in a more traditional environment where people come and go and she will be just fine. It could be that another calm dog friend could help in that adjustment.

We are told Mona will go and stand at the door when she needs to relieve herself. She will scratch at the door or just sit and wait to be allowed to come back inside when she is ready to be let in. Mona can manage a few hours in between potty breaks. She enjoys time to mosey around in the yard. Because she has to move to a new home, a yard with a secure fence or one where someone will always leash her up to walk around in is best.  While a dog may have always had excellent recall skills with their long-time owner, that could change with a new owner until they learn that this is their new person. No one wants to lose a dog! Mona is reportedly good on leash and knows the heel command.

Mona’s adopter should be ready to have her checked out by a veterinarian upon adoption. Her owners state she has no known medical issues but she has not been seen by a vet in 2 years (she is up to date on vaccines) and she has never had blood work or a urinalysis. Our recommendation once a dog turns 8 years old is that they are fully vetted at least once a year, with lab work and a thorough exam to give an overall picture of a dog’s health. Monitoring a dog this way can help one stay on top of any health issues that could be coming. Additionally, help with pain from arthritis that is inevitable in most senior dogs can improve a dog’s quality of life greatly. We know this can be costly and one must recognize whether or not it can be afforded before one commits to adopting a dog.

Mona is a big girl. We are told she can still manage stairs but one must keep in mind there may come a day when she can no longer do so. It’s important to consider the layout of one’s home when adopting a dog that cannot be easily carried up and down stairs.

Mona will bark if strangers approach her home but that is often appreciated by people; it is helpful to know someone has arrived. This easy going, low maintenance girl is so deserving of a happy, loving, true forever home.

Mona is located in Sammamish, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.