Cooper and Hazel are 8 year old Piebald dachshunds. Cooper weighs about 15 pounds, Hazel weighs about 11 pounds. These siblings have lived together all of their lives. The hope is that since they must lose their lifelong person and home, they can remain together forever in their next home.

Hazel and Cooper have not been exposed to other dogs for a long time. We are told they were socially appropriate with other dogs in the past. One would need to plan on doing proper introductions with potential adopters’ dogs. Cooper and Hazel have not lived with cats. They have been around older children and would prefer a home with kids that are old enough to understand giving a dog space and respect.

Currently these best friends are accustomed to being together alone without anyone around for most of the day. They love to be around their people so they’d be happier if someone were home for cuddle time and companionship. They are not needy however, so you can leave the house and they are fine with each other for company. The pair can manage quite a while between potty breaks. They are fine to be out and about during the day inside their house. At night they’d love to sleep with their new people if allowed though they will sleep in their kennel if they must.

While both appreciate walks, their lifestyle has been pretty inactive recently. Both dogs will benefit greatly from regular walks and they will enjoy getting out again! Cooper is a slow walker, we are told he could stand to lose some weight. Hazel is a good walker. They both need to wear harnesses on walks to protect their necks and backs. Cooper cannot manage stairs great but he can manage a few. Hazel can manage more stairs than Cooper (she’s not as heavy) but please keep in mind that a dachshund body is low with short legs and they can have trouble with stairs that can lead to lifelong back pain.

Hazel is a barker. This is a very common dachshund trait! Cooper will join in once Hazel and sounds the alarm that strangers have arrived. Both dogs are champion blanket burrowers, another dachshund trait.

Cooper is described as being “very loving; he is a boy with such a sweet personality”. Cooper loves belly rubs and exploring a fenced yard. Hazel is said to be “a little doll who can get very attached”. Hazel also loves belly rubs. Chin scratches are enjoyed by Hazel as well. She is very soft and like her brother, we are told  she has a sweet disposition.

We consider these dogs young seniors at 8 years old. When well taken care of, this breed can live to be twice their age (or longer!). This means their adopter must be willing and prepared to provide lifelong veterinary care-including dental care- and good quality dog food. Cooper and Hazel will make your efforts and care worthwhile!

Cooper and Hazel are located in Renton, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Hazel and Cooper are not Old Dog Haven Old Dog Haven has not assessed these dogs for medical issues and will not be responsible for medical care after adoption. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.