Cupcake and Brownie are a bonded pair of 8 year old wire-haired dachshunds that will absolutely steal your heart. Brownie weighs 14 pounds, Cupcake weighs 10 pounds.  They are loving, gentle and a lot of fun!  These sisters are crate trained and love going for walks and car rides.  They haven’t lived with cats so if their adoptive home has cats a slow introduction should do the trick.  These ladies are always ready to make new friends and only want to please their people.

Brownie and Cupcake are posted for the Everett Animal Shelter located at 333 Smith Island Rd, Everett WA, 425-257-6000.

Th​ese ​are not​ ODH dog​s​; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.


  • Everett Animal Shelter
  • Phone: 425-257-6000