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That Dog Doesn’t’ Have a Leg To Stand On

Those were the words of the orthopedic surgeon doing an evaluation on Cypher (aka Buddy). Buddy came to Old Dog Haven from the shelter. He was in tough shape.  He had a dislocated shoulder and both knees were moving in and out of their sockets; one did not stay in the joint at all.

At first it was thought a leg would need to be amputated. It was heart breaking to see him move around. He figured out a way to move that would keep him on his feet and moving forward. His left back leg hung out, limp like a broken chicken wing. When the transporter put him in my arms he put his head down on my chest and won my heart. He is a happy dog, not a complainer. A little quirky and we sense that he didn’t come from a safe environment.

It was a challenge for Old Dog Haven to know what to do first for him. He needed pain meds, needed to be able to walk, needed help for his dislocated shoulder and he needed a dental. He is such an easy dog to love, but a living puzzle to figure out his needs. In the meantime, I am getting to know this little five pound character. When he barks, he throws his head back, nose to the sky. I often wonder why he doesn’t fall over. He is my devoted friend and he would get in the shower with me if he could. After the first attempt he decided he would just wait on the bath mat.

He loves to eat. He takes each treat very gently, not quite sure if it is OK for him to take it from your hand. When I say his name sternly, he puts his head down like a misbehaving school boy putting his head down on his desk. He loves to be outside and protects us daily from many dangers just outside the back yard. His manly pride is a little injured when he has to take his walks mostly in the stroller. He walks a bit and then conveniently sits down when he just can’t walk any further.

Back to this little guy’s needs. The Old Dog Haven Puzzle Master put together a plan. First his back leg was rebuilt. As his overall stability was evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon, the best solution was to give him one good leg to stand on. He has recovered and it is amazing to see him get around. Next his dislocated should was addressed. He got a brace that supports his shoulder and front leg. Then he was able to have his much needed dental. The Doctor who did his dental this week said that he is a miracle dog to survive so much and stay such a sweet, loving little guy.

There are many Old Dog Haven Success Stories and I love every one of them. For me, this was my first Old Dog Haven miracle. It was painful to see this guy struggle to get around. Now the world feels like a better place with him running around joyful and happy.

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