From Danny’s Foster:

Danny is a 13+ year old possible Dalmatian/pittie mix who weighs approximately 45 lbs. He’s our 3rd ODH dog.

Danny ended up in a shelter as a stray, and no one came to claim him. He was apparently a repeat offender at that shelter, but the phone number attached to his profile was a dead end. We took him in last year around Christmas time, so he’s been with us almost a year. He has some mobility issues, and the vet isn’t sure how much he can even feel his back legs, but he still gets around OK. He’s also mostly deaf.

We have a dog door and Danny comes and goes as he pleases throughout the day. He’s as sweet as can be and gets along well with our other dogs and cat and even the backyard chickens. All he wants to do is snuggle, and he makes it known that the spot on the couch between my husband and me is HIS and not anyone else’s. The other younger dogs seem fine with that. He also really loves those big round Costco beds, so if he’s not on the couch with us (we are still shocked that he can get up on the couch on his own–he uses his front legs almost exclusively to pull himself up–it’s amazing) then he’s on the Costco dog bed. He’s a TERRIBLE eater though, so it’s a struggle to keep weight on him. After trying everything under the sun, he seems to really like his kibble mixed with some Alpo “gravy cravers” dog food, believe it or not. We tried fancy and fresh food, and he wouldn’t eat any of it!

Update:  Suddenly Danny began to refuse all food and his sweet body was clearly failing.  With much love and sadness, his foster family sent him on his way.  He was a very brave boy and his family is so grateful that they were able to give him a loving ending.  He will always be remembered.