Little Scamp ended up in a shelter after being passed around a number of times and losing an eye in the process.  The shelter staff found his kidneys were failing AND he had an enlarged (perhaps cancerous) prostate since he had never been neutered.   The shelter asked ODH to help.

After a long drive to his hospice home, Scamp simply recognized their welcome and moved in.    He handled this last move with grace, just as he lived the next 3-1/2 months.    His ODH family loved him and he loved them back!    He enjoyed walks in the neighborhood and went along for visits with friends, and attracted admirers everywhere.  He handled twice-weekly fluids with the same grace and the vet staff loved him.    His ODH family treated him to special foods and outings as his strength started to wane – when the disease became too much for his little body
they let him go to a peaceful rest.

His calm beautiful presence will be so missed.