Dede was surrendered to a shelter at 13 years old because her owner could no longer care for her.

When she came to her new home, it was thought that she might be so ill that she needed short term, hospice care. Dede has congestive heart failure, Cushing’s Disease, and a very large tumor on her gall bladder. She was immediately started on medications for her heart and Cushing’s.  The tumor is inoperable, so we are monitoring her tumor and so far, it has remained unchanged. Thanks to ODH,  the dog her family thought might only be able to stay a few weeks, is enjoying life with them 8 months later!

Miss Dede loves the company of her fellow ODH fosters, Finn and Pippa, so long as they don’t get too close. She is a tiny girl and protects her personal space.  She is also a snuggler. She loves crawling onto her folks’ bed in the morning to cuddle under the sheets. She also struts about the house very proudly, like a little queen.

Dede loves to play attack, making tiny growls while very gently chasing grabbing at her foster’s hands. She also loves her daily walks, patrolling for birds and squirrels.  Dede is just 12 pounds but, true to her terrier spirit, is a fierce protector of her home.

With Dede’s serious health issues, every day is precious. She teaches her family to make the most of every moment. These 8 months with her have been a real gift.

This girl has the most adorable and expressive long ears. They flip up and down to show exactly how she’s feeling.

Update:  Dede was an amazing girl – despite all her health issues, she thrived in her new home for much longer than we could have expected.  She had so much love and care, we think she just didn’t want to leave.  When it was finally time and we could no longer give her a good quality of life, her family said goodbye.  She will always be remembered.