We don’t know little Tito‘s history, but this little Chihuahua took some time to settle into his ODH Final Refuge family.  When he first met his new ODH mom, he was ‘flat with fear’ as he was handed to her and once in his forever home he was very fearful of newspapers, the TV remote control, and men.

After some time and patience, Tito’s trust is increasing. His people tell us that it is wonderful to see him become more and more at ease.  Now he will gradually approach new visitors and eventually ends up in their laps for some wonderful petting!  He’s also warming up to the other Chi’s in his home.

Old Dog Haven made sure that Tito had a complete dental which resulted in the removal of all of his teeth–they were in such bad shape.  After this, Tito became a totally different dog…no more pain. Before his dental, Tito would not allow his snout to be touched and his breath was terrible. Within four days of the dental, his breath changed to sweet and normal and he doesn’t mind being touched on his muzzle anymore!

Tito’s ODH mom says “I love that he is such a sweet and cuddly little guy and I hope we have many more years together. Thank you ODH for the chance to love Tito.”

Update:  After an amazing 7 years, it was finally time to say goodbye to dear little Tito.  He gave wonderful cuddles and had a wonderful last chapter of love.  This little fellow will be greatly missed.