From Delilah’s ODH mom: I picked up Delilah from the shelter after ODH was asked to take in a diabetic Maltese. Delilah came to me unable to stand erect on all four legs; walked in a continuous circle; had many mammary tumors from not being spayed; had never been housebroken; could not run; could not navigate steps; etc. She was NOT diabetic, our vet discovered, but she did have a liver shunt (congenital condition) that has serious neurologic effects. However, with all of these problems she was the sweetest and most loving dog I have ever met. It was a joy watching her overcome all of the things she didn’t know how to do. The first time she ran she tumbled and rolled, but got up and kept going. Within a week of living here on the farm, I received comments from friends that had met her upon her arrival that she was not the same dog. Her progress was fast and every time I saw her run down the ramp to go outside it made me feel good. Delilah was truly a special dog that was loved by all who met her. It was very sad to see her mind fail her. Toward the end she could not be left alone in fear that she would get stuck; her mind failed to help her reason her situation through, so she would need to be rescued. I am so blessed to have had this experience and I ask everyone who reads Delilah’s story to consider becoming an ODH foster home or be open to adopting an ODH dog. Delilah died July 22, 2015.