This is Demi.

Demi had been living with an elderly gentleman who passed away.  The dog either was not known about or had been forgotten, so when those responsible to settle the estate arrived at his home they found Demi filthy, under weight and all alone.  They family was not able to care for the dog so they surrendered it to the local humane society immediately.   The shelter staff contacted ODH and a new  Final Refuge foster home was found for her.  Her new foster mom went to get her immediately!  Demi settled in with her new pack of 5 and acclimated like a champion.

Demi was thought to have bladder cancer, due to abnormal labs and evidence of blood in her urine.  She was and is  very arthritic and has momentary mobility and incontinence issues related to it.   She also had a large open wound on her head.  Most of all, she was underweight and under loved.  Her foster mama fell in love with her easily and set about getting her to a healthy weight while more tests were done.

Her tests have been inconclusive related to identification of bladder cancer or anything else.  The wound on her head is a papilloma and it is being treated topically.  We have determined it is not worth the risk to put her under anesthesia to remove it as it appears to not bother her except for occasionally scratching.  Demi’s mobility issues are being treated with multiple pain meds which seem to be helping.

Demi  is very affectionate and vocal.   She LOVES her snuggly beds.  She loves to “pretend” she is playing fetch with the other dogs and romps the best she can with them BUT actually never gets the ball and returns it  🙂

She also adores eating so we have to be conscious of her weight management, as she always eats as if it is her last meal!  She needs help getting out of bed if she has been laying down for an extended person of time and is still occasionally incontinent but she is overall quite happy and content.  Hopefully the gentleman who was her pet parent can see her and he is happy for her new life and proud of her.

We are delighted to be part of the ODH family.

Update:  Demi’s health failed suddenly and her loving foster mom had to let her go.  She truly enjoyed the last chapter of her life and we are very glad we could send her on with much love.