Dewey’s new life began in a shelter as do most Old Dog Haven dogs.  Old Dog Haven volunteer transporters sprang him from the shelter and his new parents met them part way.

Dew is approximately 12 years young.  When he arrived at his ODH Final Refuge home, his new family met a frighteningly thin white and tan Chihuahua with long splayed legs.  His behavior suggests he was once loved and cared for; unfortunately dental cleanings were not part of that care, and he had completely lost all his teeth and his entire lower jaw.  He also has a medium heart murmur.  He weighed under 6 pounds, even though a Chihuahua of his build should weigh closer to 10 pounds.

His Final Refuge family started feeding him soaked puppy kibble flavored with some baby food and worked to get him some needed calories.  When he was taken to the vet for a routine exam, which in his case entailed bloodwork, urinalysis, and x-rays, he actually turned blue from fear.  Well, that’s one way to get out of having tests done!   The second time, two weeks later after some sedation, the vet got a sample of blood and urine, but Dew absolutely refused an x-ray.  A week later with more sedation, the x-rays were finally done.  By this time though, Dew weighed almost 6.5 pounds. Whew!

Fortunately, Dewey’s tests turned out much better than expected.  His blood work and urinalysis results were good, and his x-rays showed his heart was not enlarged. While he does have some spinal damage and is now on medication to make him more comfortable, Dewey will be healthy from now on because of ODH and generous donors.

Dew is a very happy dog.  He will sit at your feet with a loving look, patiently waiting for someone in his forever home to pick him up. He takes everything in stride and is learning to share with his pack. He’s an enthusiastic and happy little dog that just needed a good home and a bed of his own to feel confident again.

Update:  Dewey’s family had to say goodbye to this very old, and very opinionated little pup.  He made the most of his final home and really enjoyed all the love and care.  For such a small dog, this little fellow left a big impression and is really missed by his family.