Loki came to my home after his person developed health problems and could no longer care for him. Loki is deaf and has extremely poor vision due to advanced cataracts which made him an unlikely candidate for adoption. Old Dog Haven was asked for help with Loki and they came through for him!

Loki (Norse god of mischief) is a small, 13 year old miniature pinscher who receives twice daily eye drops. If left untreated, advanced cataracts can lead to glaucoma, which is quite painful and requires an eye removal–we’re trying to prevent that outcome with the medicated drops. He also has arthritis in his back legs and a luxating patella (a kneecap that moves out of its normal location) so he is getting supplements to make him more comfortable with walking. Loki initially had some separation anxiety but that is improving with time and acclimation to his new home. Despite his impairments, he navigates surprisingly well around the house and garden. If he becomes “lost” in the garden, he will stand in one place and bark until I come rescue him.

Loki’s favorite thing to do is sleep right smack dab next to me, whether we’re on the sofa watching TV, in a chair while reading, or in bed (snuggled under the covers of course). One has to be extremely careful while walking about the house as he always follows closely and is the exact same color as the hardwood floors. Thank goodness for colorful vests!

Loki seems to enjoy the companionship of his canine housemates, fellow ODH Final Refuge dog Fritz (another min pin) and resident Maggie (a Chihuahua), but none of them seem too interested in playing with each other. They all love to hang out in the living room on the beds in front of the gas fireplace. He is absolutely adorable when I return home from errands–his level of excitement is endearing and hysterical. He dances around like water in a skillet.

Thanks to your support of ODH, Loki will live out his remaining years cherished and pampered just as he was by his former person, with assurance that his physical and emotional needs will be met. Lucky dog!

Update:  After a wonderful last chapter with his final refuge Mom, it was time to let little Loki move on.  He soaked up all the love and care and was a truly happy boy.  He will be greatly missed.

Final Refuge pals Loki and Fritz