Sleek, smart and sweet are 3 adjectives that describe 9 year old Loki. Loki is said to be a boxer/pit bull mix who weighs 50 pounds.

It’s been about 3 years since Loki last lived with another dog and the belief is, she’d do best if she could continue being an only dog. But we are told she has done better with male, mellow dogs who are larger than she is. Loki can’t live with a dog who won’t respect her space or be territorial- can you blame her? Cats are a definite no-she will chase and catch them.

Loki is great with kids! We are told she’s been very sweet around infants but she does like to playfully paw (a boxer trait, apparently) and chase kids in fun so it’s best she go to a home with older kids just so that she doesn’t accidentally hurt a child. Loki knows many verbal commands and we are told she’s not a barky dog.

Loki behaves while on leash and enjoys 1 long walk or 2 short walks a day. She loves to run around in a fenced yard. Loki can climb stairs and stay in her crate while her people are away. In the past Loki was able to be left alone outside of her crate, but her new human will have to work with her and determine what will work best for Loki in her new home.

Loki takes an anti-inflammatory for pain in her knees and lower back.  She can get anxious about being left and will jump fences if given the opportunity. Because of this Loki takes a medication that has helped her anxiety. The hope is that Loki could be slowly weaned off the medication if she were to find a home with someone who was home more often.

Loki loves to play and give kisses. She is a cuddly dog who wants to comfort her human when she senses they are anxious about something. Loki needs a home with someone who is willing to commit to her fully for the rest of her days. We’d bet Loki’s love and loyalty will only grow in a home with someone who will appreciate her. Loki is currently in Milton, WA. in need of an adoptive home soon.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 




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