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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

And now there is Quigley.

Initially Ozzie and Quigley, two adorable Australian silky terriers were taken into care by ODH. They were basically ODH’s version of the Hemsworth brothers – handsome Australians with great hair! These boys were rescued together just in time from a dangerous hoarding situation by their good friends at a local shelter, who nursed them back to health and happiness. Sadly, no adopter was found to take them both because of their age and health conditions, and the shelter knew these two needed to stay together, so they contacted ODH and a wonderful ODH Final Refuge home was found.

They spent their days lounging in the sun or by the fire, and getting scratched behind the ears as much as possible. They worked very hard to protect their yard and their foster parents from the threat of squirrels and delivery people. Just like all brothers, they had little squabbles and then were best friends. Ozzie sometimes has to remind Quigley who’s the boss with a firm paw on the back, but it’s always with love. As they became more comfortable in their new home, their fun-loving sides started to show. Ozzie started doing play bows and learned some puzzle toys! Quigley is a champion snorer who loves to snuggle in his cozy beds when he’s not patrolling the fence.

Thanks to ODH, these two brothers were able to be together as long as possible.  However, all things change, and very suddenly Ozzie became critically ill with pneumonia and his loving family had to say goodbye.  We are very grateful that the brothers had a wonderful time in their new home with much love and the best of care.

Now Quigley and his foster mom and dad are missing sweet Ozzie and caring for each other.  We hope that Quigley can carry on and continue to enjoy his loving Final Refuge home.

Ozzie and Quigley

Quigley goin for a ride!

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  • Anonymous in honor of Mesha, Rosy & Wolf